About us

Kolektivo Labs is a systems innovation lab committed to enabling the full potential of human coordination. Kolektivo means "collective" in Papiamentu, the local language of the former Dutch Caribbean. Our collective consists of inspiring changemakers.
As a systems innovation lab, we re-invent what it means to work together towards a shared purpose, how value is co-created and ultimately distributed to maximize collective potential.

We leverage the latest technologies and mental models, ranging from tokeneconomics designs to systems thinking and from network theory to reflective walks in nature to shape our interventions.

The Squad

We identify and acquire skilled workers to meet your organizational needs. We believe a multidisciplinary workforce with web 3.0 knowledge equips modern organizations for a digital-first future.
Luuk Weber
Strategy / BizDev Lead
Felipe Duarte
Creative Lead / Facilitator
Jaap van der Voort
Senior Product Designer
Ruben Russel
Research Lead
Andrew Kirchner
Community Builder
Simon Lavater
Product Manager
Gilberto Morishaw
Institutional Relationships
Enrique Badaracco
Social Media / Designer

Our Commitment

Kolektivo Labs aims to swiftly and purposefully develop web 3.0 components that benefit society globally and locally. We aim to shape a world where human coordination allows for radical positive change that improves the well-being of all. We aim to achieve this by:

➜ Providing excellent services and solutions that have a transformational impact.

➜ Nurturing talent, health, and happiness in every member of Kolektivo Labs.

➜ To have a lasting positive impact on the systems we interact with and enable these systems to wholly achieve collective potential, starting with Kolektivo: an open-source technology-stack and model that allows for creating regenerative economies that scale to all layers of society.

Kolektivo attributes we value and build on

❤️ Humble: Act from kindness and be self-aware and respectful to yourself and others.

🧗 Daring: Set visionary goals and take bold actions - don't be afraid to fall (we'll catch you).

🏄 Adaptable: Nurture curiosity and maneuver with the changing environment.

👻 Transparent: Be open and honest with others and yourself. Share, ask, and speak-up.

🎯 Simple: Be straight to the point, avoid unnecessary tasks, and cut the drama.

👷 BUILD: Do what it takes to build the world you want to live in.

⛹️ Our playbook

4. Yes, you are invited!
Drapes in a dumpster.
Just us and reality.
Full transparency.
The community is committed to a radically participatory ethic. No prerequisites exist to participate in the community.

Being transparent, sharing your knowledge, learning from others, co-inventing. Do you want to be one of those who are shaping the future? That’s the right place.
5. “Sharing is caring”
Sensitive data 
is not a cake for sharing. 
Be mindful. Always.
Works only if you serve it with consent.
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1. Be Accomodating
Diverse community
Beginner’s mind plus expertise
to kindly open doors. 
Not all the members of the global community are “locals” yet. Also, people have different backgrounds. Show them around. Expand your bubble to get some fresh air. 
2. Power of kindness
Wildflower meadow
Nourishing like morning dew
power of kindness.
Dignity, Inclusion, Respect aren’t just nouns for us. These are what we master uninterruptedly. Practice, contribute, and communicate under the principle of “do no harm.” Observe and identify what is “harm” for the community and its members. 
3. Embrace imperfection together
Fresh limes and mint. 
A pitcher of ice water.
Sharing lemonade.
Hey, we are on the same mission. Take part, share your result even if it’s not polished and shiny. Clear communication and collaborative behaviour helps projects flourish.

Our Crew




Key Account Manager


Night Manager