Unleashing the full potential of human coordination.

Kolektivo Labs leverages the latest web3 technologies to shape a world where human coordination pivots radical change.
Illustration by Rafal Suskievic

What we do

As a systems innovation lab, we re-invent what it means to work together towards a shared purpose, how value is co-created and ultimately distributed to maximize collective potential.

We leverage the latest technologies and mental models, ranging from tokeneconomics designs to systems thinking and from network theory to reflective walks in nature to shape our interventions.


  • Innovation/Asset Research
  • UX Research
  • Talent Acquisition


  • Product development
  • Ecosystem development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Experience Design

Branding &

  • Brand Narrative & Strategy
  • Visual Identity Systems
  • Infographics, Explainers
    & Educational Resources

Content &

  • Organisation design
  • Content creation
  • Event curation
  • Facilitation

The changemakers
we work with

Kolektivo's products, services and "DAOplomats" are connectors between different sections of the web 3.0 space - creating a value-aligned network that improves connectivity and collaborative potential.

Our Projects

Below you will find a few of Kolektivo's flagship projects. We are proud to work only with projects that are aligned with our values.


PrimeDAO cultivates a competent and well-funded builder community and establishes coordination mechanisms that sustain ongoing operations to become a much-needed DeFi Schelling point.

The DAO’s goal is to produce and maintain a community-owned set of products and services everyone can access and benefit from — both early and mass adopters.

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The tools and processes designed by Kolektivo aim to create a prosperous economy in Curaçao that is able to provide a social foundation for all its citizens, while minimizing the negative ecological impact.

Kolektivo consists of various components, which work in tandem to fairly and efficiently gather and allocate resources to regenerative projects: A digital borderless community currency that enables the near-instant, secure, and transparent digital transfer of value.

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The DAOist

The era of DAOs has started globally. The DAOsphere needs its place to talk shop, coordinate and find a strong shared narrative that guarantees our sovereignty. High-level deal making, getting up to date on all developments and sharing delightful experiences that will feed the BUIDL for months to come - that’s what we want to enable. 

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